About Third Party Trade

Our mission is to make financial markets more accessible to everyone by offering the best developer-first API solution.

We believe in the democratization of financial markets.

Our Mission

de·moc·ra·ti·za·tion (noun) the action of making something accessible to everyone.

We believe everyone should have seamless access to all financial markets around the world. Investing should be an effortless and personal experience.

To make the widest range of investment opportunities accessible for everyone, that crucial infrastructure layer is still yet to be built out. This is at the core of what we do at Third Party Trade.

To make investing accessible is to break down every function of what it means to invest, and shape it into an elegant, scalable API solution. Since we are an API, we can integrate anywhere and therefore be accessible anywhere, to anyone. That's what it means to be accessible.

We couple our API solution with our registered broker-dealer to not only provide our customers with the best possible technology but also the necessary licensing required to conduct securities business in all 50 States and 3 Territories of the United States, and in future, around the world.

Our Values

We exist to help our customers succeed. What drives this desire are a critical set of values that we must uphold.

Open API
Instantly accessible to any individual, start-up, or established business with an idea.

Don't Compete With Customers
Here to support our customers, not to compete with them.

Fostering Innovation
Help our customers innovate every step of the way, in everything we do together.

Think Long Term
We're in this with our customers for the long haul, and will evolve as necessary.

Our Culture

We are a group of resourceful self-starters that will pull a rabbit out of a hat to meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders.

We take immensely complex problems, processes and procedures and find simple and elegant solutions to them. We are modest but confident, standing behind our customers, cheering them on down the road to success.

We don't do what we do to be praised, and we don’t mind being the people in the background, plugging away for the benefit of our customers. We're driven by the hope that the lives of everyday people around the world are just a little bit better because of what we do.

Our customers success is our success.