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Accounts API

The Accounts API allows end users to create an investment account instantly on any device, with no paper or web signature. All account opening functions, including identity verification and approval are handled digitally and instantly so your users can begin investing as soon as they're ready.

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POST /v1/accounts/{account-id}
  "customer_type": "individual",
  "applicants": [
      "name": {
        "first": "Jane",
        "last": "Smith"
      "ssn": "123-45-6789",
      "address": {
        "line_1": "11 Wall Street",
        "city": "New York",
        "state": "NY",
        "postal_code": "10005",
        "country": "USA"
      "employment_status": "employed",
      "birthday": "1970-12-22",
      "email": "",
      "citizenship_country": "USA",
      "mobile": "123456789"